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Relaxation Massage ~ 60-90 minutes
Whether you're needing a soothing series of long strokes and kneading to more superficial layers of muscles or a nurturing and therapeutic massage using firmer pressure, this massage is designed just for your needs in the moment. Tension, stress and specific areas of discomfort are addressed leaving you feeling loose, flowing and rejuvenated from head-to-toe!

Neuromuscular (Trigger-Point Therapy) ~ 60 minutes
Concentrated finger pressure is applied to "trigger-points" (painful irritated areas in muscle), as well as, breathing techniques to help break cycle of spasm and pain.

Head, Neck, Shoulder Massage ~ 30 minutes
A relaxation massage that allows you to unwind tension from long periods of sitting or driving.

Footwork Session ~ 30 minutes
A foot massage using the ancient art of Reflexology, mapping the body through the feet. Thumb-walking and pressure point therapy work to stimulate and energize the body systems. Imagine your entire body feeling relaxed and revitalized.

Pregnancy Massage ~ 60 minutes
This full-body massage just for moms-to-be, allows for comfortable side-lying positioning with special attention to the low back, hips and shoulders.

Aromatherapy Massage ~ 60-90 minutes
A gentle massage that uses aromatherapy essential oils to calm the nervous system while stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems. The benefits of this soothing massage lasts all day long. 
Energy Work
~Sessions are received lying down wearing comfortable clothing. Focus is on attuning to lie force (also called prana or chi). Health is promoted my maximizing the flow of this life force, much as a tune-up helps a car to operate efficiently.

Reiki ~ 30-60 minutes
This sacred Japanese healing art creates a deeply meditative and healing experience for body, mind and spirit. Through a series of gentle, yet powerful hand placements, tension and stress melt away as the body receives concentrated life force energy and healing.
Chakra Balancing and Clearing ~ 60 minutes
Based on ancient Indian beliefs, energy centers (chakras) located along the spine, bring energy into the body. They can become congested, slowing them down and causing dysfunction. Clearing and balancing the chakras bring back energy, vitality and strength to your system that illness and stress take away. It is a very relaxing, rejuvenating experience. 
Diana R Sponsler, LMT
Heather Scanlon, LMT
Dana Gibbs-Griffith LMT


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