Carol A. Anderson, LCSW

Carol A. Anderson, LCSW, has been a social worker in the Syracuse area for the past eight years. Carol is a graduate of St. Lawrence University with B.S. degree in Psychology.  She was awarded her M.S. Degree in Social Work from Syracuse University in 2004.  Carol also has an M.S. degree in Special Education from Syracuse University.  
Carol's expertise is in the field of grief and bereavement and counseling patients diagnosed with cancer. Carol began her career at Hospice of Central New York as a direct care provider and has also worked in bereavement care.  Through her work at Hospice, she organized and facilitated workshops using unique therapeutic approaches, including workshops on “Grief and Quilting”, and a “Writing through your Grief” annual workshop. Carol was an invited speaker on the subject of “Intuition and Therapy” at the Annual International Conference of ADEC (Association of Death Education and Counseling) in Montreal.   
Carol has transitioned to working with veterans and their families as a social worker in the VA Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic. She has developed a curriculum for a Grief Psychoeducational Therapy Group and a Grief Support Group during her time at the VA.  Carol continues her clinical training whenever possible, and has recently been certified in IPT (Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depression).

Carol's work as a Holistic Therapist includes traditional therapy, as well as alternative approaches such as strength-based therapy, meditation, relaxation exercises, Reiki, and the use of aromatherapy with essential oils. She comes from a unique perspective in working with oncology patients in that she has been a breast cancer survivor since 1996, and can therefore provide personal insight in her counseling on emotional issues that arise in navigating cancer treatment and survivorship. Carol’s core philosophy guiding her holistic treatment of cancer patients and cancer survivors is that individuals facing a cancer diagnosis, undergoing subsequent treatment and post-care, need a comprehensive supportive therapy plan to allow them not only to survive physically, but to flourish and maintain a state of emotional core-well-being.  

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